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Property Investment Opportunities

Most people associate property investment with physically holding bricks and mortar assets from which you derive an income / yield. The higher the yield and or capital growth, the more interesting the proposition. At Ratree and Macawber Properties we have many more ways to generate significant returns for lower investments. We have all heard of HMO’s, Buy-to-let, Serviced Apartments, Flips and the usual property models. All have their merits and place. R&M have a different approach, where we use specialist property knowledge, legal contracts and finance options to achieve our goals.

Finding the right opportunity is never straightforward. You need to find the right property/ investment in the right location, at the right price. You also need the right team behind you who have the necessary skills knowledge and experience to make sure the property investment is viable and will yield the best return.

At Ratree & Macawber Property Company we have over 40 years’ experience in buying, renovating/ re-purposing and developing properties. We specialise in low-risk property investments that will give you an 8%+ return on your money when the property is sold or refinanced.  

For your added security and peace of mind, the property can be purchased through a special purpose vehicle, with you, the investor, having first charge on the property, or purchased in your name. This means there is very little risk to you. We do this initially to establish trust and confidence and show you that our model works.



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South of England town Arial view of some of our Property Investment Opportunities


Property Investment Opportunities

We offer property investments with a bank busting 8%+ PA return on your money with no risk. We initially offer ownership of the freehold/ leasehold property to the investor as the ultimate security and/or a charge over available equity where monies are secured for assisted sales and lease extensions projects.




Creative property investment opportunities include:

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 Why Invest with Ratree & Macawber Property Company.



Low-Risk Investments

If you are seeking a low-risk, passive and secure investment, then R&M property company may be the solution. We use a diverse range of property strategies that deliver excellent consistent returns.


Extensive Experience

We have nearly four decades of experience in the property business. We know where to buy and what to buy. We have a terrific team that have the expertise and knowledge to be able to solve every property challenge imaginable. If it can’t be done in-house then we know an expert with the answer.  Solving property challenges is how you create equity in property and you release that equity by exercising financial options.


Regular Updates

Property development/ investment is a process with many facets and strategies and is not for the uninitiated. We operate a tried and tested flexible system that tries to mitigate risks. We keep you informed of progress throughout the project. We’ll provide you with regular updates, so you have up to date information on the progress of the project and you will know how your money is being spent.





Arial View of Town in London. Property investment opportunities



Where We  Operate

Ratree & Macawber Property Company is based in Kent. We specialise in property projects in London and the south east, but in reality we will look at any opportunity where the numbers make the decision.

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 Overseas Investment Opportunities

The Italian property market offers the best value for money in Western Europe and there are many exciting opportunities to invest. Prices remain low, and there are numerous motivated sellers, looking for a quick sale. Currently there are 110% government renovation grants on selected properties.

Yes, you did read that correctly. 110% government grants.

We have a number of property investment opportunities in central Italy. For further information about investing in Italy and getting the 110% government grant click here. 

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 Italian Second Homes

Are you a salesperson looking for attractive properties to sell or a second home?

We offer lovely second homes in some of the most beautiful areas of central Italy. We have negotiated a base price for the property with the vendor. We then sell the property for base plus. The plus element is our fee which we share with the affiliate on a 70/30 ratio. You will have the opportunity to earn significantly more than you would in the UK estate agency business

Click here to find out more about the affiliate programme.

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