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Our proposition is a simple one. We use the invested funds to purchase those selected properties, that will give us the best returns. We develop, re-purpose, renovate or refurbish as required. This process will cause an uplift in value /equity. When the works are completed, we then sell or refinance those properties, and from the proceeds we return your initial investment plus the agreed 8%. Interest on your capital. This is a simple straight forward proposition.

There are any number of attractive investment opportunities in the UK property market. What is right for you will all depend on the size of your investment, your attitude to risks, and the length of time you wish to invest. Our unrivalled knowledge of property investing means that we can minimise risk and ensure you make the most from your investment.

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Property Investment Opportunities in London  and South East




We have a number of 12-month investment opportunities that require differing amounts of capital investment. For example, this could be Commercial Property Re-Purposing, Title Splits, Rent to Rent or BRR- Buy Renovate and Refinance – Property Flipping. However, there are other strategies that can be employed depending on market conditions and the state of the economy, at any point in time.

Below are some of the property strategies we use to achieve our financial objectives.


Commercial Property Re-purposed

There is a plethora of cheap commercial property on the market (caused by covid19) and recent legislation relating to permitted development rights has created significant investment opportunities. (Town and County Planning use classes regulation 2020) We purchase the freehold of a commercial property and create new residential units, which we sell or rent out for a passive long-term income.

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Title Splits

This is where a property with multiple units/flats or rooms is held on a single title. We purchase the freehold and carry out the necessary building works and create new leases. The sum of the parts creates a significant uplift in value. The units are sold, refinanced or rented for a passive long-term income.

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Assisted Sales

Assisted sales is where R&M properties forms a joint venture agreement with an owner who is having difficulties selling a property. The property may be in poor condition or may not be mortgageable in its present state. We agree to put money into the property to create an uplift in value. This is all conducted by carefully drafted contracts which clearly details the terms of the investment and how any uplift will be distributed. (RX1 Application, Restricted PA and option agreements).

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Arial view and street view from some of our Property Investment Opportunities in London  and South East



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Buy Renovate and refinance- This is really property flipping where we identify a property that requires a light refurbishment to create values. The property is then sold, refinanced or held to create a passive long term income.

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Specialist Situations

Special situation investments caused by Distressed situations such as death, divorce, family breakdowns, prison or a financial crisis etc.

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Rent-to-Buy, Rent-to-Rent and Lease-to-Lease

This option is only suitable for skilled property investors. The property market is an ever changing entity. Sometimes conditions are right for property flipping, whilst sometimes it is a lot more

Sensible to rent the property out. Rent-to-buy offers a number of benefits including long-term passive income and long term capital growth.

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Property Let and Rent to buy Investment Opportunities in London  and South East








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